Christmas Trees


It’s time for joy and time for cheer! With Christmas right around the corner, Don de L’Amour is getting into the holiday spirit in a variety of creative ways. Take the opportunity to celebrate the festive season with our premium Christmas trees bringing a warming touch, comfort and the sweet smell of crisp pine needles and saplings into your home this year.

Every tree is unique in its own way and whether you would like to decorate it in white or multi-coloured string lights, single-toned or many-hued ornaments, there are plenty of ways to adorn our fresh eye-catching trees with festive décor from top to bottom. 

Here we invite you to draw inspiration from our selection of real Christmas trees and ways for you to use your imagination to grace your Christmas tree with spectacular decor as the countdown continues. 

This Christmas, Don de L'Amour has partnered with our growers to bring the most premium Christmas trees direct from the farm to the city.

Our premium Christmas Trees are grown in the finest weather conditions of the Southern Tablelands of Australia. Watered and pruned regularly to achieve the utmost quality and perfect shape, our growers have been leading the industry for over 30 years.




Due to limited numbers we are only taking pre-orders for Christmas Trees via our online store


Announcement: Our Christmas trees are available via online only with the exception that trees can be picked up from our warehouse in Silverwater upon arrangement. Please contact or call 0401 941 448 to arrange pick up or delivery.
Providing exceptional quality and service to you has always been one of our highest priorities, we are proud to maintain that standard by limiting our numbers and selecting only the finest of the plantation.

Please pre-order your tree this year to not miss out.




    Tree stands are available to purchase here





    Terms & Conditions: 

    • Please select your preferred date of pick up (Silverwater warehouse) or delivery. Delivery on the preferred date is not guaranteed and will be confirmed via SMS per order.
    • Additional delivery charges will apply for areas outside 2km radius from Forest Lodge or Silverwater.
    • Delivery to Ground floors only.
    • Set-up not included.



        TREE CARE & TIPS 

          1. Saw, or score the trunk of the tree before setting into stand. Any dried-resin will block the tree from absorbing water.
          2. Secure your Christmas Tree in the stand and fill with at least four litres of water.
          3. Situate tree away from any direct heat source including sunlight, fireplace, air ducts as they will dry out your tree prematurely.
          4. On the first few days your tree will absorb plenty of water and you must top up regularly throughout the day. However after a few days it will slow down and it is advised that you replenish daily. With proper care your tree should last between 4-6 weeks.
          5. Never let your tree drink all the water before topping up. The stump will seal and despite pouring water into the stand, your tree will not be able to absorb it and it will dry out prematurely. If this happens, you must remove your tree from the stand immediately and saw off a cm off the stump. Giving it a fresh saw removes the sap which has seeped through the end. Although if you have noticed this too late, the drying out process has begun and it will be irreversible.