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About Us

Exploring the power that florals can have when transformed into art, Australian Floral Designer Amy Thai moved back to Sydney in 2019 and has launched ‘Don de L’Amour’ French for, ‘Gift of the Love’.

Over the past few years, Amy has worked in Paris’s luxury boutiques, in high-profile events such as Dior, Valentino, Gucci and many more. She has a passion for transforming places and events into surroundings that leave people feeling dazzled and inspired by the sense of magic. Her respect for design and vision to create authentic beauty can be seen within her lush floral compositions inspired by nature and romance.

Ever wondered why are we so DIFFERENT from other florists?

  • Our brand designs ‘bespoke’ products. Purchases are made according to a colour palette/occasion/theme RATHER THAN a generic off-the-shelf item.
  • Composed with intricacy and delicacy, the finest seasonal blooms are freshly hand-selected by designer florists to create arrangements that are specifically unique to the occasion, whilst embodying a range of sophisticated colour palettes, textures and subtle perfumes.
  • We don’t imitate. We have a romantic aesthetic, which is inspired by nature. We are influenced by our experience creating florals for haute couture houses hence our work is often described as Parisian-style.
  • We don’t follow trends such as peeling back of roses petals or heavily painting flowers in a different colour. We like to embrace the flowers for their authentic, natural colour and form.
  • We don’t purchase every variety. We are very particular with which flower types we work with, because it is a reflection of our brand. There are flowers and foliage which we completely avoid. And those that we use very frequently.
  • We are particular about our team. All the floral designers in our team have a minimum 5-10 years experience in the floristry industry. Our unique style requires experienced techniques and high attention to detail to design.