Don de L’Amour’s botanical creations at first hand are an introduction to connections of: a memory, a sensation and a context. Our style can be referenced to the term ‘impression’: Our exceptional carefully-thought through works are drawn from the immediate experience of the moment, often a scene from everyday life, occasion, season or mood. Our floral designers place great emphasis on the atmosphere.

We create products once an ‘impression’ is captured to convey emotions and poetry and spark passion. Our impression of any work is made by the guiding principles of nature and its simplicity. With each brief, our team offers clients a fresh perspective where our mission is to bring to light on the importance and value of the artistic role of floral designers.

We focus on the perception of the moment, translating Parisian old-world charm into ‘modern life’ and paying special close attention to composition, form and colour. Using mixed mediums, Don de L’Amour creates works that bring the traditions of Parisian floristry into new creative heights.

When working with botanicals, we believe that contrast, textures, colours and perfumery are momentary and unique and are handled with care and treatment. We place details on the different shades in changing light and the interrelationships of colour values, which often exude in complementary tones on a finely balanced scale from light to dark. Colours and textures are continuously juxtaposed so desired colour variations are formed from a distance and exhibit more subtle nuances.

Our purpose and intention with shapes and outlines translates into a series of bespoke elegant creations. We balance precision, form, variation with nature’s abundance. Our bouquets and installations are irresistibly poetic and immersive. We take a specialised approach to the ideation, design and creation of our works and examine it in all its facets using floristry, painting, sculpture and textiles design.

Our works are drawn together by classical and contemporary art. The ephemerality of nature and its delicate art form and expression are core to our vision, themes and style.