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Amy is the visionary for the company. From a young age, she began her journey in art and design, working with pencil, paint and sculpture before moving into fashion and completing her Bachelor degree in Fashion Design. Discovering a passion to design using florals, she moved  to  Paris to work amongst the world’s most talented floral designers, producing arrangements and installations for Haute Couture Houses, high profile events and breathtaking European venues. 

Whilst working in Paris, Amy noticed that French floral boutiques were remarkably different from those in Australia where they had the ability to elevate your senses, evoke a sense of charm and transport you into another world far from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. In Paris, Amy developed a newfound appreciation for floristry, much like the art form of poetry where she is able to encapsulate a feeling using nature as her medium. Her experience in Paris propelled her to establish Don de L’Amour, French for the ‘Gift of Love’, eventually launching in Sydney in 2019 with the hopes to instil this feeling to people everywhere. 

Her work is free, expressive, intricate and rich in detail. She is known for her sensuous use of colour and dynamic compositions where she captures movement and highlights the authentic beauty of flowers.

Amy runs day-to-day operations, directs creative concepts and manages every last detail from the ideation to real-time execution.



Kat is our Marketing and PR Manager. Her deep passion for florals and experience in Marketing and Public Relations is reflected across her multifaceted range of skills and ability to adapt to any situation.

Her experience in working with global and renowned Australian lifestyle and travel brands has equipped her with strong organisational skills.

Her bubbly nature and intuitive instincts means that she always goes the extra mile, ensuring our clients get what they need and our output exceed expectations.



Jenni holds an inquisitive nature and always seeks new ventures to channel her creative energy. Her passion for floral design stemmed from her love for dreamy European summers where you will find her at least once a year.

She loves surrounding herself in nature, where flowers bloom ever so gracefully. Jenni’s appreciation for fine art is reflected across her meticulous style of work.

Her strengths include her patient demeanour and attention to detail, where her passion for design shines through.