Hybrid & Morocco

Hybrid & Morocco


Bold and unexpected with an innate impressionist sensibility 

Lovers of impressionism, abstract and glam rejoice – Amy employs a bold palette in a pack that is both evocative and sensuous inspired by whimsical red and pink poppies. Indulge in the dramatic and sumptuous combination of rich tempting reds and dusty pinks. Amy uses hybrid colour techniques to form natural movements amongst lavish passionate hues and visually reference ‘hybrid’ plants that are naturally or artificially created by manual pollination. The charming space with minimalist lines is met with an unrestrained palette and robust natural materials of thistles, native templetonia and hydrangeas. Amy adds: “Layers of deep red silks are draped in such a way that feels organic and are meticulously handcrafted to echo flow and movement,” “... It’s about navigating the territory between heritage, homage and contemporary design in a way that feels natural to me, not forced.” Her accreditation and experience in fashion design underpins a number of her guiding principles in floristry. With this in mind, Amy employs her multidisciplinary set of skills and a broad range of techniques in the design process. The work serves as a reimagining of visual languages in floristry, fashion and sculpture that were developed and learned over time in between Amy’s travels.

Key colours: Rich deep red, faded terracotta, soft corals and dusky pink

1.9m x 1.1m

Thistles, native templetonia, hydrangea, pleated silk formed into floral shapes

Applied onto metal mesh

 Hybrid Installation Hybrid Installation
Hybrid installation Hybrid Installation


 Morocco Installation Morocco Installation