Subway Puppy

A testament to our experimental exploration of the boundaries between floral design, nature, and art. Each petal, each stem, each carefully curated with detail to allow each flower to move in a lively and dynamic way, as if they are living creatures.



Botanical Installation

Step into a realm of elevated celebrations for One Farrer’s 30th Year Anniversary.

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Remnants, Amy Thai’s latest art installation for The New York Times T Magazine, shows how sculpture, floristry and technology are weaving both landscape and history into future vocabulary.

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Don de L’Amour is marking a fresh new chapter after launching in Sydney and working within the floristry industry since 2019. In past interviews with our founder and creative director, Amy Thai, she has outlined her creative ambitions of her career as an artist and this has ultimately shaped a new path for our brand.
For the past year, we have shifted more of our focus to creative innovation, sustainable solutions and ground-breaking design and therefore, we recognise ourselves as a floral art and design studio.

We are committed to learning new ways to push the boundaries with floristry and art. With Amy’s experience across many art forms, we will be working towards creating more artwork and installations in the gallery, arts and events spaces internationally. Moving forward, we will only be offering bookings for corporate and social functions, commissions and other events (weddings count!). We appreciate and thank you all for your loving support and we cannot wait to show more of our work in our exciting new chapter here at Don de L’Amour.