The Wedding of Ashleigh & Jonathan

The Wedding of Ashleigh & Jonathan

"Ashleigh Huynh and Jonathan Tandjung hosted a Vietnamese tea ceremony, a Slim Aarons-style party and a chapel service as part of their three-day wedding fête in Sydney" - Vogue

For Ashleigh and Jonothan’s wedding, the ceremony and reception took place at Palladio Arcadia. The venue was much more than a ceremony space for the couple as well as Don de L’Amour. It was a sanctuary, a space filled with European charm and enchantment. Here we designed with a palette of white and pastels that heightened the verdant, natural beauty of the Palladio’s outdoor venue and showcased a series of installations that were classic, dreamy, and sweet.

When Creative Director Amy Thai first saw the images of Ashleigh’s vision board and her wonderful originality and elegant sense of style, she knew without it, the wedding would be incomplete. Considering the visual complexity of the project vision, Don de L’Amour kept things simple in terms of shape and composition. In fact, much of the floral installations were designed using classic Parisian principles. For Ashleigh & Jonathan's special day, we envisioned luxurious whites and delicate pastel compositions that left guests feeling refreshed. From the soft and delicate textures of mini orchids for Ashleigh’s bridal bouquet to organic forms and tiered waterfalls of gypsophila, the effect was at once warm and inviting upon entrance and throughout the venue.

This sophisticated, romantic style was made for the dreamy, poetic, and thoughtful. Inspired by  French gardens, our vision for the day was a luxurious blend of fragrant garden roses and delicate wildflowers. The reception table florals emitted soft, feminine, and floral notes that captured the flowering gardens in Spring. Our curation of whites, pastel pinks, and creams was reminiscent of Parisian old-world beauty.

Using a deft approach, Don de L'Amour designed and curated a whimsical landscape that naturally and soothingly veered into a celebration of subdued fresh green foliage that gave the open space depth and warmth. The seamless blend of rosey delicateness engulfed the senses and created nature-filled moments to savour. When it came to vows, we designed the space surrounded by a grounded floral arch made of clouds of gypsophile. For the reception table, we created floral arrangements at varying sizes and heights alongside tapered candles so the glow and luminosity added romance and ambiance to the night.

While the perfumery exuded subtle-sweet and enticing scents, bringing depth that was bright and grounded, it effortlessly transported guests out into the mesmerising French gardens decadently surrounded by crisp fresh air.

For Ashleigh and Jonothan’s surprise after party disco in partnership with Paco Rabanne, we transformed the venue by juxtaposing the florals for the night using hydrangeas, cymbidium orchids, anthuriums, dahlias, smoke-bush, making large floral installation moments a particularly fascinating sight to behold. Moving from soft pastel and light green shades at one end of the spectrum to intense deep purples and burgundies, its effect was in turn balanced, restful yet dramatic and responds sensitively to the shimmering chandeliers and disco ball elements that were styled in the open outdoor space. 

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Wedding photographer: Jack Henry & Heart Party