Art Installations

Don de L’Amour has evolved into an industry leader by pushing the boundaries of what floristry can do—functionally, technologically, and aesthetically. One of the core ways that Don de L’Amour achieves this goal is through constant creative interaction with working artists across many disciplines such as sculpture and digital media. 

From 2022, Don de L’Amour has focused on collaborations with other artists as seen at the recent launch of Butterfly Habitat (2022) and Stem by Stem - Alien Boy Gives Me Flowers (2022).

In the spring of 2021, Don de L’Amour debuted Nomad (2021), Hybrid (2021), and Avalanche (2021), a collection of works exploring the dynamic, sculptural, and architectural properties of textural fabrics and dried florals. The series, showcasing Don de L’Amour’s creative luminaries, spotlights our commitment to weaving art and nature to brilliant effects, vision, and exceptional creativity. 

Partnering with emerging and established artists, Don de L’Amour is focusing on incorporating diverse media into our art installations, including sculpture, painting, drawing, floristry and digital media, for upcoming events, exhibitions, partnerships and commissioned projects. 

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