Don de L’Amour has evolved into an industry leader by pushing the boundaries of what floristry can do—functionally, technologically, and aesthetically. One of the core ways that Don de L’Amour achieves this goal is through constant creative interaction with working artists
across many disciplines such as sculpture, fine art and digital media.

As we began working on a variety of unique, creative projects with clients, partners, and external consultants. We discovered a consistent mantra around the concept of ‘invite the unexpected,’ which has encouraged us to explore new destinations, radical creativity, and to recognise the evolving needs of our clients.

Currently partnering with emerging and established artists worldwide, Don de L’Amour is focusing on incorporating diverse media into our art installations, including sculpture, painting, drawing, floristry and digital media, for upcoming events, exhibitions, partnerships and commissioned projects.

For any queries on our art installation services, please contact: enquiries@dondelamour.com.au