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For the occasion of NNC Pro Beauty, Don de L’Amour was invited to design, develop and bring to life an installation in our own inimitable styles. The project, titled “Nomad” re-imagines the store’s aesthetic. Seen here is NNC Pro Beauty’s own space as interpreted by Amy Thai. With every hand movement, stitch, warp and weft— “it tells a story on a canvas.” Inspired by nature’s visages - desert grasses, terracotta rises and organic stone textures, Amy reinterprets minimalism in a space, from strong geometric forms to statement-making natural and expressive patterns. Amy embeds her appreciation of the natural world into the design in both subtle and overt ways. The semblance, inspired by symbolic land and sea markings, neutral hues and her memories of idyllic countryside landscape, evokes in full motion. 

The work at hand, that is the interplay between woven thistles, ming ferns, hydrangeas and pleated hessian ribbons, shares Amy’s philosophies of nature and connection and how it informs design. “Nomad is symbolic of eternal flow, unity of the beginning and end, transience and abundance of source energy,” says Amy. Nomad is an ode to harmony - a unity between people, our communities and the world that surrounds us.

All materials are dried and preserved to last up to five years. 

Materials used:

Rice Flowers, Hydrangeas, Ixodias, Ming Ferns, Tiki Ferns, Thistles, Binding Wire and Wire Mesh


 Nomad Installation Nomad Installation
Nomad Installation Nomad Installation
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