At Don de L'Amour, we believe that flowers have the power to communicate emotions, evoke memories, and create beautiful moments. Our workshops are thoughtfully designed to inspire and enhance your floral creativity. These exclusive private classes are tailored to elevate your understanding of color, composition, and shape in floral arrangements.

Private & Group Bookings

We understand that different individuals and groups have varying preferences and needs. Therefore, we offer both private and group classes for all levels of experiences.

Our workshop programs include:

  • Decor Accents: Discover how to infuse floral elements into interior spaces to create enchanting atmospheres.
  • Table Centerpieces: Learn the art of designing stunning table centerpieces that become the focal point of any occasion.
  • Haute Couture Bouquets: Unleash your creativity in crafting exquisite Parisian style bouquets that express individuality and sentiment.
  • Sculptural Botanical Art Installations: Push the boundaries of floral design by creating captivating sculptural installations that mesmerize and inspire.
  • Seasonal Floral Arrangements (e.g., wreath-making, spring floral arrangements)
  • Terrarium Making

Corporate Partnerships

In need of regular fresh floral arrangements to add vibrancy to your workspace or event? Our services include:

  • Office front desk
  • Hotel lobby
  • Restaurant
  • Corporate building lobby