Our Brand

Born in the heart of Paris, Don de L’Amour opened its doors to Sydney in 2019. French for the ‘Gift of Love’, Don de L’Amour specialises in bespoke design and creative direction with elegance, intricate detailing, simplicity and colour harmony at the forefront in all that we do.  Founder, Artist and Creative Director Amy Thai is known for her expressive and poetic work at the helm of Chauvin Paris and world-renowned Parisian haute couture houses. Don de L’Amour has been recognised by The New York Times as one of Australia’s leading floral designers who are changing the floral landscape. 

As a floral art and design studio, Don de L’Amour creates small to large-scale installations that explore mediums of visual art, sculpture, textiles and floristry for all types of events. Evolving ever more towards the floristry and arts industry, Don de L’Amour has carved itself a niche using seasonal blooms to celebrate Parisian old-world charm, simplicity and romanticism with a bold creative edge.

Since 2017, Amy worked in one of the world’s most beautiful addresses - Paris. Around her, green nature inspired her exploration of space, form and colour. From the most beautiful paintings, gardens teeming with flowers and ponds and pristine vineyards, Amy was immersed in a setting of mastered Impressionism. Don de L’Amour draws endless sources of inspiration from these picturesque sceneries and translates this through our ideation, design and composition. From garden roses to jasmine,  hydrangeas and diverse plants such as moss and fungi, Don de L’Amour uses a refined palette of natural elements with harmony, elegance, creative innovation and sustainability in mind. 

All floral sculptures and art installations are designed by our team of specialists with purpose in mind where intention is created to align with the space, an occasion or mood in the moment. Designs are made according to a colour palette and this unique style involves high attention to detail. Composed with intricacy and delicacy, the finest seasonal blooms are freshly hand-selected from the flower market and then combined using a selection of sophisticated colour palettes, textures and subtle perfumes. As flora is our primary medium, we collaborate with artists, researchers and experts to focus on enhancing our fundamental knowledge of plants and make long lasting impact on sustainability and conservation.

Flowers have always been above all a gift that symbolises love. Don de L’Amour’s concept is simple: it is about creating unforgettable moments of feelings and emotions. Here, a real visual and sensory experience awaits our clients who are invited to delve into the heart of emotions, poetry and imagination.