The Star Benetti Yacht Showcasing Affinity Diamonds

The Star Benetti Yacht Showcasing Affinity Diamonds

Over the weekend, Don de L'Amour and Affinity Diamonds gathered special guests, like former Miss World Australia Erin Holland, to celebrate the art of diamonds and jewellery. In collaboration with Affinity Diamonds, the evening welcomed brand ambassadors who have contributed to the branding and success of Affinity Diamonds.

Since Don de L'Amour was founded, art has played an integral and influential role in our work. Our Founder and Visionary, Amy Thai, draws her inspiration from her creative peers, such as Affinity Diamonds, and leading artists throughout history. In celebrating a community that champions creativity across different industries, Don de L'Amour and Affinity Diamond's luxurious fête came to life.  

For one evening only, Don de L'Amour and Affinity Diamonds exclusively hosted a formal affair at The Star Sydney's luxury Benetti Yacht to industry notables. A sophisticated and stylish moment for artists and guests to support each other over a decadent lunch and a glass or two of champagne felt even sweeter after a hiatus due to covid.

Glasses of bubbles floated throughout the lively room dressed in overflowing bountiful bouquets of fresh florals to complement and highlight others' art in the space. Guests were welcomed with Don de L'Amour's curation of perfumed rose, trailing jasmine and delicate sweet peas.

Thinking about how intertwined the jewellery and floristry worlds are, the team at Don de L'Amour agrees that you can’t have one without the other.

Leave it to Don de L'Amour and Affinity Diamonds to turn a vacant luxury yacht into an elegant soirée on a fine weekend afternoon.