Connection (2022)
Connection is a floral sculpture designed and installed to resemble the shape and grace of land and sea. This creation is an ephemeral piece made from natural dried materials in local landscapes: lines of opposing fluorescent hues assembled from the...
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Stem by Stem - Alien Boy Gives Me Flowers (2022) by Amy Thai and ENESS

Stem by stem is the first artwork collaboration between Amy Thai, Founder and Creative Director of Don de L’Amour and ENESS.

Stem by Stem is a progression of inflatable installation with a natural extension and allure of curated vegetation. This interactivity of anthropomorphised characters, vibrant florals, musical scores, contemporary Japanese cultural motifs, simulations, and immersive technology add an intangible visual dimension, effuse warmth and provoke a more dynamic, less static conversation with viewers. 

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Butterfly Habitat (2022)
Amy Thai’s latest immersive art installation, “Butterfly Habitat”, launches at the Mayflower St. Leonards A newly released art installation, “Butterfly Habitat”, by founder and creative director of Don de L’Amour and multidisciplinary artist Amy Thai at The Mayflower St. Leonards...
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A new large-scale installation brings an essence of Pop-art cross impressionist coolness to the EY Centre, 200 George st by Mirvac
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Hybrid & Morocco
Hybrid Bold and unexpected with an innate impressionist sensibility  Lovers of impressionism, abstract and glam rejoice – Amy employs a bold palette in a pack that is both evocative and sensuous inspired by whimsical red and pink poppies. Indulge in...
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